Drying coffee grounds

drying coffee grounds

May 8, Looking for a great pick-me-up for your plants? Then consider putting your used coffee grounds to work in the garden. The following article will. Dec 12, Many people throw away their used coffee grounds but you can use Apply 2 coats on each side, drying with a hair dryer in between coats. The drying of spent coffee grounds in a cyclonic dryer was studied in the present work. Based on a experimental design, the effects of temperature of the air (Ta).

Drying coffee grounds -

If you will be adding used coffee grounds to your compost pile, keep in mind that they are considered green compost material and will need to be balanced with the addition of some brown compost material. I normally do all the drying over the Summer months with the hope it lasts me for the whole year. How to dry used coffee veryberrycoffee.com