Coffee ground soap

coffee ground soap

Nov 15, With this DIY coffee soap, not only will you be using the last of your soap- you'll also be stopping those used coffee grinds ending up in landfill. Coffee, when we say word coffee we just think about having cup of coffee with our loved ones but if I say coffee is also a a wonderful ingredient for the skin. Cut glycerin into cubes then melt in double boiler. Add a few drops of vanilla. Gently stir in coffee grounds. While mixture is still warm, carefully pour into cartons. Making Cold Process Coffee Soap

Coffee ground soap -

You can find that here: Gives a lovely effect. coffee ground soap Oct 16, An easy melt & pour coffee soap recipe that is great for the skin and has First of all the coffee grounds of course have a mild exfoliating effect. May 6, This homemade coffee scrub soap works like a dream and is so Mix coffee ground in water to make coffee and allow to cool; Mix lye and. Aug 30, Enjoying a caffeinated drink isn't the only way to get a caffeine boost. In fact, caffeine can be absorbed through the skin, giving you a little extra.